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February 12, 2014

Citizens for a Better Flathead Asks District Court to Rule on the Legality of Flathead County’s Adoption of Amendments to the Flathead County Growth Policy.

CBF press release on growth policy legal action

District Court Complaint: Flathead County Growth Policy Adoption


July 2013

The District Court Ruling Declared Void Flathead County Approval of a New Commercial Zone, which would have allowed strip commercial uses on property along all primary and secondary highways/roads in Flathead County.

CBF press release on Court Ruling overturning B-2HG Zoning
District Court Ruling on B-2HG Zoning
Map of roads where the B-2HG zone could have been applied
had the court not found it illegal.


B-2HG General Business Highway Greenbelt Text Amendment to Flathead County Zoning Regulations

In July 2011, Flathead County created a new zoning designation that allows for strip commercial development along all major roads in Flathead County.

Final Text of B-2HG Zone

Where and How Can B-2HG Be Applied?

Roads Where B-2HG Applies

Map of Roads Where B-2HG Applies

Flathead County Planning Board Text Amendment Staff Report
August 24, 2010

Addendum to Flathead County Planning Board Staff Report
March 9, 2011


Comments Opposing B-2HG Submitted to County Offices

City of Kalispell Comments for B-2HG Text Amendment Hearing
Flathead County Planning Board September 8, 2010
(Citizens for a Better Flathead verbally endorsed these comments at the public hearing on September 8, 2010.)

Sharon DeMeester Comments for B-2HG Text Amendment Hearing
Flathead County Planning Board September 8, 2010

City of Whitefish Comments on B-2HG Text Amendment July 7, 2011


As of December 12, 2011, Flathead County has approved the first application of the new zoning designation on 78.7 acres along Highway 93 North of Kalispell, just north of the entrance to Ponderosa Estates.

Notice of Passage of Resolution of Intention
December 12, 2011

Resolution for Noonan et al. Zone Change
December 12, 2011

Citizens for a Better Flathead Comments on Noonan et al. Zone Change September 21, 2011

Flathead County Planning Board Map Amendment Staff Report
August 24, 2010


Documents Explaining Why and How Land Use and Transportation Planning Affect Community Life and the Local Economy

CBF Research Supporting and Defining Smart Growth Development

Flathead County Growth Policy Chapter 1: The Character of Flathead County

"Putting Smart Growth to Work in Rural Communities" by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

"Planning Principles and Practices"
by the Victoria Transport Policy Institute

"Evaluating Transportation Land Use Impacts"
by the Victoria Transport Policy Institute

"Critique of the National Association of Home Builders’ Research On Land Use Emission Reduction Impacts"
by the Victoria Transport Policy Institute


Additional Information

Institute of Transportation Engineers Recommended Reading

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*The new Flathead County Growth Policy was adopted in 2007 after over almost a decade of efforts to find the community consensus needed to update it.  As adopted, it is a broad and general policy with important goals, but lacks clearer guidance needed to address the rapid growth we are experiencing. The recent update of the Flathead County Subdivision Regulations provide additional important guidance. The adoption of  new land use tools and policies, to more effectively guide growth and ensure that it respects the character of this special place, are one of the most important planning issues facing the Flathead. To find out more about how these documents affect us, read The Planning Puzzle.